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Shen Shaomin’s Beautiful And Terrifying Bone Sculptures

Bones automatically insinuate death, and often are the only physical remnant that insinuates life once existed. Shen Shaomin‘s bone works are equal parts terrifying and fascinating, man-made memorials to human intervention on the planet. Creatures that never have been or should be are pieced together from human and animal skeletons. The bones are carved and relief-carved with text taken from several sources, including the Bible, the Koran, and various sources. Inscribed in English, Arabic, and Chinese, the texts serve as warnings to the two largest industrial nations in the world of the damage being caused to the planet.

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I really love how Stjepan Sejic draws Wonder Woman

(more here)

This will forever be my headcanon for Diana: built like a brick shithouse and still heart-stoppingly gorgeous.

I -love- this art for her so very, very much. Stunning and a huge badass. This is Amazons. :3

Get this man an ongoing! NOW!!

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Had to make a gif out of it

a gif of the sequence I worked on on Manly!


Giuseppe Velardo Paintings

on Saatchi Art, artist on tumblr

Mixed media on paper (collage and acrylic)

Young italian painter living in Como. Above all I wanted to see if I was able to convey emotions, feelings on canvas. The only constant has always been the subject of my work, the human figure, which is the only thing that interested me until now, and my colour palette has always been limited by choice and taste. At first I tried to paint subjects as close as possible to reality, then I started to disfigure, to deform, to follow my instincts more. I realized that the more you try to escape the harsh and cruel reality the more you fall. I try to express loneliness, frustration, restlessness, a constant search for “something

via Emmanuel Chaussade


Drawings and Paintings on wood by freelance Berlin-based illustrator Niklas Coskan

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Here we have the thieving bastard heir to the Spartaxx throne because I’m super hyped to watch his movie today.


Françoise Nielly

 Françoise Nielly and her flashy portraits. Here is a new serie of artwork, still further, more accomplished


Photographer: 婪斯

Model: Kinyo